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Connecticut Girl Scouts Learn About Sexual Harassment

On March 15, 2018 high school age Girl Scouts from across Connecticut came to the state capitol to participate in the Girl Scout program "Lunch with Your Legislator." As part of this event, the girls in attendance had intimate and engaging conversations with their local legislators about current issues. The Girl Scouts were given the opportunity to pick one topic to have experts come and discuss with them. A topic that is prevalent in our news recently was chosen by these students: Sexual harassment.

CWEALF Executive Director Kate Farrar and Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence Executive Director Laura Codes were asked to come and discuss sexual harassment with the Girl Scouts. The discussion began with an information session to discuss the continuum of sexual violence, current legal protections and pending Connecticut legislation. The vast majority of the audience was greatly surprised to learn that the state of Connecticut requires that all K-12 public-schools provide information about sexual abuse to their students.

The students learned about 2018 pending legislation:

H.B. 5246 to eliminate the statute of limitations in the case of sexual assault in Connecticut.

S.B. 17 to allow victims of sexual assault access to rape kit information and seeks to obtain justice for victims of sexual assault.

H.B. 5043 to promote a fair, civil and harassment-free workplace.

As a fellow high school student, it was refreshing to see individuals my age take this issue seriously. Although I am a young student, sexual harassment is around me on a regular basis. Sexual harassment can happen at places such as school and work, and it is important that people my age are educated about the topic. Sexual harassment is not something to be joked about in a locker room, it is unwelcome attention that should never be permitted.  This is an issue that effects too many women and girls, most before they even turn 18. The Girl Scouts at this event were conscious of the prevalence and seriousness of sexual assault and worked actively to brainstorm ideas on how we can to solve this issue right now.

This event was an amazing experience for women and girls to learn about the very important and complex issue of sexual harassment. Conversations like the ones held by the Girl Scouts at the Capitol take us one step closer to creating a world without sexual harassment.

By Piper Gibson, CWEALF Intern at 21 Mar 2018, 18:34 PM



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