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A Day in the Life of a Secure Jobs CT Navigator

Secure Jobs CT at a Glance

The work of Secure Jobs CT has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of women and their families throughout the state. This demonstration pilot was designed to increase the income of families transitioning from homelessness to housing by connecting them to the education, training and supports they need to secure and maintain stable, competitive employment. This project was piloted in five regions and each region has a Secure Jobs Navigator who assists families to achieve their goals by guiding them through intricate and overlapping systems and help them to overcome various barriers.

A Day in the Life of a Secure Jobs CT Navigator

Everyday our Secure Jobs CT team hits the ground running. From the second the job developer, recovery support specialist and I get in and take off our coats, there is always something happening. Some mornings, we start off by participating in a monthly meeting hosted by the Opening Doors Fairfield County’s Economic Security Workgroup. This group meets once a month and oversees the Secure Jobs project in our region, and works diligently to unite the housing and workforce systems. Through this collaborative we have learned much about the housing system in our region.  Around the table are case managers and housing specialists; faces of wonderful people who, without Secure Jobs, would be strangers to us and not the friends they have become.      

When we get back to the office, we divide and conquer. Jim, our fabulous job developer, meets with a participant and assists her in filling out online job applications. She has a preschool aged daughter and wants to land a full time position as a bank teller to make a better life for her child. She is the epitome of grace under pressure, and we are confident that she will land her dream job any day now. 

Justin, our awesome recovery support specialist, works with another participant to help her decide what career path she may want to go down. She has multiple certifications under her belt and is currently employed as a home aid/companion, but also has experience working security. Justin points out the linkage between both fields and she smiles realizing that no matter which path she follows she will still fulfill her personal desire to help others. 

As the Secure Jobs Navigator, I spend time reaching out to the housing case managers in our region. I ask questions about landlords, housing status, and relish updating them on our participant’s successes in employment. Secure Jobs has taught me that participants, housing case managers and employment specialists can all share responsibility for things going awry, but we also share in the light of success. 

Caitlin Mongillo, Career Resources, Inc. Secure Jobs Navigator 

Every day working the Secure Jobs pilot is different, and every day is inspiring. I get to work with some of the most resilient people I’ve ever met, and assist them in making a more stable life for their families. I get to work alongside so many people who care deeply about others, and I get to watch families positively shine despite some of the most difficult situations. It is an honor to be a small part of all the possibilities the Secure Jobs pilot collaboration has made possible. As Justin, Jim and I pack up for the day, I feel tired but satisfied. It’s been a good day.

By Caitlin Mongillo, Career Resources, Inc. Secure Jobs Navigator at 5 Apr 2017, 10:40 AM



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