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2017 Legislative Session Highlights

Thank you to everyone who took action on CWEALF’s policy priorities this year to improve the status of women and girls in our state!

Important wins this session:

Banning Conversion Therapy: H.B. 6695 passed with strong bipartisan support in the House (151-8) and unanimously in the Senate before the Governor signed it immediately into law. What a strong message of support to the LGBTQ community! 

Pregnancy Protections in the Workplace H.B. 6668 will expand employment protections provided to pregnant women, and passed with bipartisan support in the House and unanimously in the Senate.

Hate Crimes: H.B. 5743 takes important steps to protect women and girls in our state by adding gender to Connecticut’s existing hate crimes law. This bill passed unanimously in the House and Senate!

The following bills did not pass during the regular session:

Paid Family and Medical Leave: Though the Senate called the bill and engaged in a powerful discussion on paid leave, neither S.B. 1 nor H.B. 6212 was brought to a vote this year. CWEALF and the Campaign for Paid Family Leave thank you for all of your support and action this session! Find out more about the policy and how you can help.

Pay Equity: H.B. 5591 passed with bipartisan support in the House but was not called for a vote in the Senate.

Women’s Health Protections: S.B. 586 would have protected provisions of the Affordable Care Act that provide no co-pay for contraception and certain preventive services, such as cancer screenings. This Senate passed this bill unanimously but the House did not call it for a vote.

The legislature is expected to have a special session to reach a budget agreement in the coming weeks. We will update you on any possible action items and the status of policies that affect women and girls. Stay tuned for CWEALF’s full legislative report and contact CWEALF’s Policy Manager, Maddie Granato, with any questions at 


A Seat At The Table event

Senator Marilyn Moore with the panelists at The Campaign for Paid Family Leave's
"A Seat At The Table: Women of Color Conversation on Paid Leave" event in May 2017 


By Maddie Granato, Policy Manager at 14 Jun 2017, 09:48 AM



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