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How to Get Settled in a New City



  1. Decide to move to Hartford, CT.
  2. Have doubts about moving to Hartford, CT
  3. Finally decide to move. Look at a lot of apartments.
  4. Look at more apartments.
  5. In the middle of finding an apartment, decide to switch banks as part of #bankexit.
  6. Attempt to close your bank. Realize you can’t because there are pending charges.
  7. Move to Hartford. Have your partner, their little brother, their step-parents, and a random friend you don’t really know, help move all your stuff.
  8. Get to the new apartment before any of them, though, and pick up the new keys. Find your unit, but get lost in the building trying to find the right exit. After 5 minutes of running around in circles, hope you have not entered into the Matrix.
  9. Find the correct exit.
  10. Eat Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner (out of the pot because you can’t find the bowls)
  11. Have your new bank account frozen because your address has changed suddenly.
  12. Get all your bank accounts settled.
  13. Attempt to hang up the prints you’ve had sitting in your closet for two years. Accidentally step on one of the frames and shatter it. Run to Michaels. Rinse, repeat.
  14. Realize your apartment will never quite look like the HGTV dream home you imagined.
  15. Start your new internship at CWEALF. Leave early but still use your GPS to get to the building, even though it’s 10 minutes away. Arrive to the office nervous but excited.
  16. Meet some really awesome people, go to rallies, get acquainted with the city. Realize you love the part of Hartford you moved to.
  17. Register to vote. Go to the office in downtown Hartford, drop off the form you realize you could have mailed, get a confirmation immediately. Look at your NH license plate, MA driver’s license, and CT voter registration. Hope no one notices.
  18. Look up all your legislators and what bills they are co-sponsoring.
  19. Immediately forget all your legislators’ names the next day. Look them up again.
  20. Write them down this time.
  21. Call one of your legislators. The staffer will pick up, and possibly tell you to call the DC office, because, surprise surprise, you have too many questions.
  22. Ask them all anyways.*
  23. Call the DC number and get most of your questions answered. Feel a little bit better about your decision to move, as well as your understanding of political processes.
  24. Now that you can get to downtown without a GPS, look up other nonprofits near CWEALF. Contact people about getting involved.
  25. Get a cat.



*Calling your representatives is a great way to get questions answers, especially when the news can be confusing. Staffers are knowledgeable and polite, as well as patient, and eager to help. I talked to a staffer in D.C. for 15 minutes last week getting all my questions about reproductive laws answered. One representative himself even called me back to talk about the issue further! Don’t worry about sounding dumb or being a nuisance--the staffers are there to listen and to help!

By Julie Krzanowski, Communications Intern at 6 Feb 2017, 09:34 AM



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