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Role Models: Encouraging and Maintaining Girls’ Interest in STEM

It’s no secret that women have historically been (and still are) consistently underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies and careers. In a world where these fields are becoming increasingly more important, it’s essential to encourage young girls to stay interested in STEM as they grow up and begin to make decisions about college and careers. One of the most essential ways to encourage girls’ interest in STEM is by exposing them to women role models who work in those fields.

Why do girls need role models in STEM?

A study by the Girls Scouts showed that girls who knew women in STEM careers were more likely to be interested in STEM fields themselves! Because STEM fields have been male-dominated for so long, it’s essential for young girls to see women in STEM at work to help break down gendered career stereotypes.  Women role models in STEM allow girls to see themselves represented in fields where they may otherwise feel out of place. Seeing women in STEM shows girls it’s possible to overcome the obstacles to working in those fields and become successful!

How can you help?

Do you know a STEMster—a woman working in or studying science, technology, engineering, or math? Encourage them to get involved and be a role model for young girls! CWEALF is asking women in STEM to create STEMster videos discussing their studies or careers and why they chose them to encourage girls’ interest in STEM. Learn more at!

Check out these resources for promoting girls’ interest in STEM!

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By Emily Betts, MSW Intern at 25 Jan 2016, 12:41 PM



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