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Welcoming Stacy Brusa to the Board of Directors!

We are so excited to welcome Stacy Brusa to CWEALF! 

Stacy works as the HR Business Partner and Talent Development Lead at Hartford Steam Boiler. She coaches individuals in leadership and organization effectiveness. She hopes CWEALF can use her strengths to its benefit, saying, “Effective boards leverage their board members.” Stacy wants to give CWEALF all she’s got! This year, she filled a table at the One Woman Makes a Difference Dinner with colleagues who were not aware of CWEALF. She saw how impressed her guests were and how compelled they were by the stories of the people that CWEALF proudly serves. This is what Stacy wants to continue doing, sharing with CWEALF with everyone. 

Stacy isn’t new to CWEALF. In fact, she has been an amazing volunteer for CWEALF for years. She first learned about CWEALF from Alice Pritchard while they were at a women’s conference five years ago. Stacy felt such a connection to the work that she had to find out more and get involved. Stacy has volunteered at many G2O Expos and has met the girls who attend. She loves the energy she gets from being around the youth that CWEALF influences every year. Stacy’s work at the Hartford Steam Boiler revolves around IT, and she advocates for diversity and inclusion in her field. When she goes to the G2O Expos she really enjoys spending time with the young women who attend and seeing the future talent in STEM.

Stacy talks proudly of the work that CWEALF does. When people ask her about CWEALF, she shares her volunteer story and maps out the services that CWEALF provides, including educating women about their legal rights through our Legal Education program, and doing training for employers to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace, and the proud work we do in legislation around equal pay. Stacy knows the work of CWEALF is important, saying, “Inequity is still prevalent and we have to continue the conversation.”

With her time on the Board, Stacy would like to continue bringing awareness to CWEALF's work in the community. She hopes that she can be a vehicle to making sure people know of the expertise and hard work CWEALF provides. In Alice's words, "We welcome Stacy into our community as we continue with our work towards equality for women and girls, and we look forward to her contributions in the coming months and years."

By Lorena Crespo Morgan, UConn MSW Intern at 19 Nov 2015, 11:31 AM



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