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Welcoming Ashika Brinkley to the Board of Directors!

We are so pleased to welcome Ashika Brinkley to the CWEALF Board of Directors!

Ashika works as the Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health. She is also a chemistry professor who feels that there is an important parallel between public health and education. Ashika wants to offer CWEALF her perspective of “seeing everything through the lens of systems” which her expertise in public health gives her. She believes that “people’s choices are based on systems that drive their choice”. This is why she believes in the work that CWEALF does to promote equality for women, girls and their families.

Ashika was introduced to CWEALF last year at the 2014 One Woman Makes A Difference Dinner. She was the guest of Board Member, Adrienne Parkmond. Naturally, seeing CWEALF’s dedication to involving girls in STEM motivated her to find out more about CWEALF’s work. She learned about CWEALF’s mission to empower, advocate for and educate women. Ashika says she comes from a female-centric background and women’s empowerment is “near and dear” to her. She credits her ability to focus on the fact that she went to an all-girls school. She did not feel the pressure of gender roles and expectations, and would like to bring this empowerment to young women who are looking into careers.

Ashika feels that CWEALF is an organization that is led by its mission. She says, “sometimes, organizations speak for a group without active inclusion, but CWEALF is not like that”. CWEALF’s Board of Directors reflects the diversity of the people CWEALF serves. She feels pride in the work that CWEALF does, and explains to people who may not know about the organization that it “provides education and legal resources to underserved women.” By doing this, CWEALF is bridging the gap of gender inequality and this is something that Ashika has always, and will always support.

In her time with the Board, Ashika hopes to support CWEALF in continuing its mission by having diverse perspective represented through its Board Members. Jennifer Devine, Board President, welcomes Ashika and says “Ashika is an inspiration in her dedication to empowering women and girls and we are excited to have her perspective and experience on our Board.” Welcome to CWEALF’s Board, Ashika!

By Lorena Crespo Morgan, UConn MSW Intern at 3 Dec 2015, 09:48 AM



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