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Welcoming Adriana Arreola Joseph to the Board of Directors!

CWEALF is happy to welcome Adriana Arreola Joseph to the Board of Directors!

Adriana Arreola Joseph is the Deputy Chief of Youth, Family and Community Engagement for New Haven Public Schools. She is dedicated to fostering healthy communities. She brings with her a determined spirit and positive attitude. She takes her work seriously and is dedicated to the families she serves and brings this dedication to her position as a Board Member at CWEALF.

Adriana first came into contact with CWEALF through a One Woman Makes A Difference Award Dinner. She was blown away by the support that CWEALF receives and wanted to be a part of this. When asked what motivated her to join the Board, she mentioned one name, “Pierrette Silverman. She has a way of knowing what’s important to me, and CWEALF fit the bill.” Adriana believes in empowerment. She speaks of CWEALF’s work as “helping empower people to advocate for themselves, it gives them the tools they need to be successful.” She feels that people are strong and resilient and CWEALF helps them find that resiliency by making information accessible. She is proud of CWEALF and very impressed that “CWEALF does so much, with so little.”

The impact that CWEALF makes with their Bilingual Community Advocate and the Information & Referral Line aligns perfectly with its mission to make information simple and accessible.  And Adriana relates to this work through her own experiences of helping people navigate relationships and partnerships in her position with the New Haven Schools. Adriana brings schools and the communities they serve together by arranging the Kindergarten Canvas. During the Kindergarten Canvas, principals go into the communities of their incoming Kindergartners to personally welcome them and make themselves accessible to the students and the parents. No matter how busy Adriana gets, she will continue to participate in the Kindergarten Canvas. Her commitment is admirable and that's the type of commitment that CWEALF will receive from her.

Jennifer Devine, the Board President and Acting Director is happy to welcome Adriana. She says, "Adriana's drive to empower people and engage the community will serve CWEALF well, and we welcome her and look forward to her contributions." Welcome aboard, Adriana! CWEALF is lucky to have you.

By Lorena Crespo Morgan, UConn MSW Intern at 10 Dec 2015, 10:39 AM



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