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Maria Miller Stewart

As CWEALF honors our One Woman Makes a Difference honorees at our Annual Awards Dinner, there is actually one woman’s name that is a part of every year’s celebration. Since the start of the annual event, Maria Miller Stewart is the name that has adorned each award.  

Maria Miller Stewart is not a name often known in our country’s history. But, once you start to learn about her it is easy to see why Maria was chosen to be a part of CWEALF’s legacy and inducted into the CT Women’s Hall of Fame in 2001.

Maria’s life was one of domestic servant, activist, and educator but, she is most widely recognized as the very first known American woman to lecture publicly on any political issue. Imagine that. In 1832 in our country, no woman before her had stood up in a public forum to share her political beliefs. Maria is also the first African American woman to lecture about women's rights and black women's rights, the first American woman to speak to a mixed race and gender audience, and the first African American woman to make public anti-slavery speeches.

For Maria in her time, just using her voice was seen as a defiant act. CWEALF is grateful that Maria led the way for our organization and each of our honorees to use our voices to stand for gender equality.

Written by Kate Farrar, CWEALF Special Events Coordinator 

By CWEALF at 5 Aug 2015, 15:06 PM



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