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Mission, Vision & Values


CWEALF advocates for and empowers women and girls in Connecticut, especially those who are underserved or marginalized. We work to create an equitable society where women and girls thrive.

VISION for Women and Girls

CWEALF envisions a world where gender equity is realized, differences are embraced, and women and girls thrive. In this world, women and girls build strong, supportive networks; experience widespread opportunities for advancement and fulfillment; command the resources to advocate for themselves as well as for others; and are empowered to lead and be agents of change.


EMPOWERMENT: We are committed to helping women and girls access the tools, information, legal protections and opportunities to determine their own futures.


EMPATHY: Our work is driven by the needs, concerns and opinions of the women and girls we represent. 


INTERSECTIONALITY: We understand that complex and multi-layered forms of discrimination combine, overlap, and intersect—especially in the experiences of marginalized people or groups. We commit to an intersectional approach that is inclusive of the needs of all women, addressing discrimination in all its forms.


EQUITY: We recognize that the condition of equality cannot be achieved by treating everyone equally because not everyone starts at the same place or needs the same amount of help to attain the same goal. We believe in providing women and girls what they need to be successful.


RESPECT:  We will treat our clients, partners, constituents, funders and all other stakeholders with respect: honoring and learning from their ideas and perspectives, communicating honestly and transparently, and valuing everyone’s contribution to our work.


COLLABORATION: We pledge to be a strong, collaborative, and accountable partner: identifying our best and highest use in each relationship, fostering inclusivity and diversity of opinion, and working towards meaningful and measurable results.





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