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Research & Evaluation

Research & Evaluation

The goal of CWEALF’s work in research, evaluation and technical assistance is to provide relevant, factual and useful information to develop, inform and improve programs, policies and services for women, girls and their families.

We are guided by our commitment to feminism, diversity, empowerment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, compassion and respect, collaboration, professionalism and self-assessment in all of our actions and programs. 

Our staff enjoys strong working relationships with our many clients, collaborators and partners. We are knowledgeable of the Connecticut context and the specific conditions that affect program development and service provision.  We enthusiastically engage in the iterative process with project partners so that data can be used to strategically improve project processes and outcomes.

Our clients include city and state agencies, workforce investment boards, state commissions, nonprofit agencies and school districts. 

Our services include applied research, program and systems evaluation, program development and technical assistance. 

We are skilled in:

  • preparing complex evaluation plans for a number of multi-partner, multi-component state and federal projects;
  • quantitative and qualitative methodologies, data analysis and interpretation, and reporting; 
  • preparing products (including continuous quality improvement reports, status and project evaluation reports) that are both accessible and useful;
  • and, providing data that is solution-oriented.





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