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Ruth Pulda & Merrilee Milstein Internships

Ruth Pulda and Merilee Milstein Memorial Internships 


One June 9, 2008, Connecticut's women and labor movements lost two of their strongest advocates: Ruth Pulda and Merrilee Milstein. These women embodied what it means to be a feminist and activist, and fought tirelessly to advance social justice issues. In memory of these courageous and inspirng leaders, CWEALF offers the Ruth Pulda and Merilee Milstein paid internships to graduate and undergraduate students who support specific program staff, and / or who would otherwise be unable to participate in our internship program because of their financial need.  

Congratulations to our Fall 2014 scholarship awardees!

How to Apply

Submit your intern application (resume, cover letter and completed intern form) along with a short (2-3 pages, 12pt font, double spaced) essay describing your financial need and how an internship with the Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund would help you achieve your future goals

You may apply for a scholarship at anytime. However, please note that funds are awarded twice a year. We recommend you apply by August 8 for a fall/spring intern scholarship, and by April 24 for a summer intern scholarship.  

Questions? Contact Denise Rhone at or (860) 247-6090.





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