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Since 1973 CWEALF has worked to advance women's rights and opportunities in Connecticut. To achieve this, CWEALF's work is divided into three core programs:

Through these programs, CWEALF initiates services to educate and empower women and girls to ensure they have the tools, knowledge and avenues to reach their goals.

With special expertise in family law, sex discrimination in employment and education, hate crimes and LGBT civil rights, CWEALF is dedicated to ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and low-income people. As one of the oldest women's rights organizations in the country, CWEALF is a vital resource to women and policy makers in Connecticut.

CWEALF provides an information, referral and advocacy service while also training and empowering women in Connecticut to advocate for themselves. Each year, CWEALF helps thousands of women and low-income people navigate legal and social service systems. By incorporating these experiences into our public policy and advocacy work, CWEALF is able to offer innovative approaches to issues affecting women and gender equity throughout the state. At CWEALF we are committed to:

  • Providing critical legal information to any woman who seeks assistance
  • Bringing women's voices into public policy discussions
  • Connecting diverse communities for the common good of women and girls in Connecticut



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